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Note: We've been hard at work on innstats and client migration. Unfortunately this has left little time to work on this website. There are still several pages not created as it is very much under construction.

innstats - website tracking for the lodging industry

- Reporting designed to help your bottom line.
- Key Performance Indicators based on page tracking.
- Tracking from referrer through to sales conversions.
- Easy to install, easy to understand full analysis.

Key Features

Customized Referrer List
Generate a custom report showing only your important referrers. This feature is particularly helpful for tracking paid directory performance. Create your own list anytime and innstats will provide both referrals from those directories' individual pages but also provide you with a total from each entire site. Select any date range. Make changes to your list at anytime... reporting is real time so you see right then any new changes. Great for helping you stretch your advertising dollars...(more)

Tie Ins with Booking Systems
Some of the most widely used booking engines provide for or allow a direct tie in with innstats. What this means, is we can now track a visitor all the way from the original referrer through to the reservation...(more)

Key Performance Indicators
Reporting designed particularly with the lodging industry in mind, innstats provides KPIs for many common website functions as well as many based directly on your bookings. Combined you get a deeper view and understanding than ever possilble before in a single tracking system...(more)
Individual Visitor Reports
Select any particular visitor to your website and see the exact path taken as they viewed your pages. Find pages that were important but not viewed. Find pages where visitors commonly leave...(more)



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Easy to understand charts give you a quick overview of your website performance.

innstats includes key performance reports based on your occupancy.

Output the report you want when you want it, with the level of detail you prefer. All real time! No waiting for daily reports.