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innstats - behind the scenes:

- innstats tracking for the lodging industry.
- SuperStatZ tracking for any website.
- full internet services company.

The Company was born as a result of two very unique individuals who both were drawn to the internet at about the same time.

John Hinton was one of the early subscribers to one of the major online services before the World Wide Web was born. His interests included both learning various programming languages and graphics work. When the Internet kicked into high gear due to the creation of web browsers and web pages, suddenly John's path seemed clear. Programming and graphics came together in one place.

Meanwhile in the same small town, Jeremy Robinson was busy running his bed and breakfast inn. He saw the internet as the best vehicle for promoting his lodging property.

As small towns often times work, Jeremy discovered John's abilities and in 1994 they started working together on various internet projects from individual websites to directories. That early time was certainly a great time to be on the net, as the competition was sparse and that was proven by Jeremy's success with his lodging property.

As work continued to come in, they created, short for Electronic W3 (World Wide Web) Development. The business has continued to grow consistently in spite of the .com bust and continues to grow to this day. Jeremy and John attribute their success to individual service... they answer their phones... you'll not be sent to an offshore tech center which can only barely claim to speak English.

EW3D provides a full array of services. Aside from our two web page tracking programs, innstats and SuperStatZ, we provide a very high quality website hosting service and email services. We also have on staff website designers who do new sites, redesigns, remakes and updates.

Our unique insight into the lodging industry gives us the ability to know what you both expect and also understand your needs. In fact, in almost all cases we understand the whole internet picture better than our clients. We are always available to provide our expertise in every realm of your online presence... domain name registration, hosting, email, website, promotion, tracking. The whole internet, not just the latest "catch phrases" you hear about through your networks.

For any services we do not provide internally, we can direct you to great people. We are careful to qualify these partners as we expect the same level of service and integrity from them that we deliver to our clients. This would include photographers and online booking systems.

EW3D is committed to helping our clients grow along with us!


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Easy to understand charts give you a quick overview of your website performance.

innstats includes key performance reports based on your occupancy.

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