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Website Tracking Products:

- innstats
Web page tracking for the lodging industry.

- SuperStatZ
Web page tracking for any industry.


innstats is a direct offspring of SuperStatZ. A large portion of our SuperStatZ users are in the lodging industry. We therefore created this separate product which contains particular areas pertinent only to the lodging industry such as bookings and tie ins with booking engines.

As we expanded this section further, there became a need to create this separate tracking product so as not to confuse those which have no need for these extra features.


SuperStatZ is designed for tracking any website pages. The difference is we have not included reports based on occupancy and are in the process of removing the information for booking engines. We'll finish this off once we have migrated all of our lodging customers from SuperStatZ to innstats.

EW3D is the parent to innstats and SuperStatZ. Aside from these specialized services, we offer many other internet services. More information can be found on our EW3D Services page.


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Easy to understand charts give you a quick overview of your website performance.

innstats includes key performance reports based on your occupancy.

Output the report you want when you want it, with the level of detail you prefer. All real time! No waiting for daily reports.