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This template allows you to:

- Download a prebuilt site to your computer.
- Make changes site-wide changes.
- Customize page content.
- Publish to your host with the click of a button.

To help you with the set up of the site we have included ample information in a separate text file that you can find in the root of the web. You can have as many top tabs and left navigation buttons as you need.


The company name graphic and logo are just placeholders and you should replace them with your own graphics. The template comes with blank gifs and all .pngs for all the images, including blanks for all the fruit graphics.


If you would like a custom version of this template or require any other web-related service, please contact Andy at


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Easy to understand charts give you a quick overview of your website performance.

innstats includes key performance reports based on your occupancy.

Output the report you want when you want it, with the level of detail you prefer. All real time! No waiting for daily reports.